Bio Expo 2023 summary

Bio Expo Warsaw. An event that integrated the food and organic products industry

Networking, contracting, building international business relationships, innovation demonstrations and education - these were the characteristics of the fifth edition of Bio Expo Warsaw, a trade fair dedicated to organic food and products.These took place from 5-7 October 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Bio Expo Warsaw was organised in close cooperation between Ptak Warsaw Expo, the Polish Organic Food Chamber and the Lidl brand.This cooperation resulted in a product event focused on the needs and opportunities of the market, as well as focusing on innovation and industry education to raise in-house competencies.

Bio Expo Warsaw was a well-used opportunity to discuss a market where sales are expected to triple over the next decade. In addition, it provided a platform to integrate the sector while opening it up to investment from domestic and foreign players. At the heart of the fair was the development and activities aimed at transforming the food system.

Bio Expo Warsaw - a practical response to market demands

Over three days, Bio Expo Warsaw integrated 9724 owners of BIO products and food shops, representatives of retail chains, food wholesalers, catering companies, hotels, restaurateurs and distributors. They became acquainted with the market innovations proposed by 206 domestic and foreign producers of organic and BIO food, semi-finished products and food ingredients, or cosmetics based on natural ingredients and natural medicines.

Development is achieved through cooperation, contracting and discussion. However, education must not be forgotten, which was one of the most important coordinates in the event plan. It was realised through the Organic Products Industry Congress. It consisted of three events: The PIŻE Forum, the PPWR Conference and the PIO and Łukasiewicz Conference. The topics discussed included eco trends, the qualities of organic food, sustainability, the assumptions of a closed loop economy or eco solutions for eco products.

Thanks to the knowledge of experts and trusted practitioners with many years of experience, the Organic Products Industry Congress was a substantive panel from which all participants drew. This, together with the emphasis on networking, industry integration and initiating contracting trade exchanges, made this year’s Bio Expo Warsaw a success.

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Specialized Bimonthly Magazine RESTAURACJA

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Ecology first. The fourth edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw is behind us.


Ecology first. The fourth edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw is behind us.

Nearly ten thousand visitors, 250 exhibitors and 22,000 m2 of event space. The fourth edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw, which took place on October 6-8, 2022, once again opened the business to thousands of new collaborations.

It was networking that was the basis of the contracting event, which was the fourth edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw. The formula dedicated to producers, owners of specialist stores, food wholesalers and multi-branch companies operating in the organic sector has contributed to establishing a business dialogue as well as developing and increasing the export of products. Thanks to the international group of exhibitors, the participants of the event could get acquainted with global trends in their niche, as well as expand the field of action with new, yet difficult to expand markets.

The fourth edition, however, abounded not only in business meetings, but also in education, which was carried out as part of the BIOEXPO Congress. The rich schedule of lectures, seminars and workshops included those devoted to the BIO market in Europe from the perspective of changes 2020/2021 (author Eduard Coco from IFOAM Organics Europe), changes in the regulations and practice of the BIO food producer (author Urszula Sołtysiak from PIZE), or major consumer trends of 2022 (author Elzbieta Radzka-Ferenc from M&CC).
In addition, thanks to Łukasz Gębka, vice-president of PIZE, it was possible to see how an ecological farm operates “from the inside”, and doctor of medical neurosurgery Sebastian Grzyb showed how the eco composition affects our body .

BIOEXPO Warsaw is strong thanks to the best partners

The BIOEXPO Warsaw brand is also built through cooperation with market leaders. The main partner of the fair was Lidl. Among the exhibitors you could also find Farma Świętokrzyska, Dary Natury, EkoWital, Zakwasownię, Farmy Roztocza, BioPlanet, BIO ChPN or Soligrano.

The success of the event will translate into its next edition. We will inform you about the details soon via the website.





The 4th edition of BioExpo Warsaw - international food and ecological products fair will be held on 6-8 October 2022. It is a three-day event during which exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of products from the ecological industry. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet specialists and establish business contacts.

The fair is of a strictly business nature and is an excellent platform for dialogue between producers and buyers, owners of specialist stores as well as food and multi-sector wholesalers. It is also an ideal opportunity to establish business relations within the domestic market, as well as to develop and increase the export of products. The BioExpo Warsaw fair is also a space for presenting new products and talking about trends on the food and ecological products market. An inseparable part of the event is the BioExpo Congress, characterized by a rich program of conferences, seminars and workshops, which provide an opportunity to discuss the current condition of the industry and its development prospects. During BIOEXPO Warsaw, as part of the Hosted Buyers program, the event is also attended by foreign buyers interested in importing food and organic products to their countries.The exhibitors will include representatives of the following sectors: food and beverages, organic farming, cosmetics and cleaning agents, production machines, packaging and serving dishes, household appliances, products for pets, as well as startups, support and business-related institutions (including certification bodies). The event is characterized by a wide range of industries, which includes such areas as:

  • FOOD & DRINK - a wide range of certified food products; organic food and drinks
  • BEAUTY & CLEANING - ecological, natural, organic cosmetics and cleaning products; environmentally safe cosmetics and cleaning products for home and industry
  • EKOTECH - production machines, packaging and serving vessels, logistics
  • BIOLIFE - biotextiles, ecological toys, household appliances, household appliances and ecological products for pets
  • BIOAGRO - seed material and plant protection products for organic farming; organic agricultural inputs, bio-fertilizers, ecological plant protection products
  • SUPPORTING BODIES - supporting and business-related organizations and institutions; certification bodies, research institutes
  • START-UP innovative solutions entering the market of organic producers and production

IV BioExpo Warsaw is an event well known in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to the ecological industry. During the fair, in one place and time, leading manufacturers and distributors, buyers, owners of specialist stores, food wholesalers and general-purpose stores will meet to establish and develop business contacts in a convenient atmosphere and discuss the current condition of the industry and its development prospects.

We invite you to co-create the fair.


BIOEXPO 2021 Summary


BIOEXPO Warsaw III Edition Summary

The 4th edition of Bioexpo has come to an end. Ptak Warsaw Expo – the biggest congress and exhibition centre in Central and Eastern Europe hosted exhibitors from bio sector from 30.10.2021 to 02.11.2021.

During this year’s edition, hundreds of exhibitors presented their products and services, and thousands of visitors could get acquainted with their offer. The fourth edition provided visitors with the only platform on such a huge scale, not only for promotion, but also for intra-industry discussions and a free exchange of market knowledge.

Bioexpo 2021 resulted in a really wide product repertoire. Within the hall we could find industry sectors such as:

  • Food & Drink – offering a wide range of certified food products such as organic food and drinks.

  • Beauty & Cleaning – these are organic, natural, organic cosmetics and cleaning products; but also environmentally safe cleaning products and cosmetics for the home and industry

  • Ekotech – where exhibitors presented production machinery, packaging and serving dishes as well as logistics solutions.

  • Biolife – whose product range included biotextiles, ecological toys, household appliances and ecological products for pets

  • BioAgro – showcases eco-friendly solutions for agriculture such as seed, plant protection products, organic farming inputs, bio-fertilisers

  • Supporting Bodies – Supporting and business-related organisations and institutions, certification bodies and research institutes also appeared.

  • Start-Up – presented us with innovative solutions entering the market of organic producers and production.

In addition to the fair exhibition, visitors had the unique opportunity to participate in fascinating conferences dealing with the vision of a better tomorrow.

From 30 September to 2 October 2021 took place the third edition of Bioexpo Congress, organised every year by the Polish Chamber of Organic Food, taking up the subject of agriculture and organic food, organic and natural cosmetics and cleaning products, also touching upon the issues of health, threats that consumer civilisation poses to our Planet, and many others. The congress also included training sessions, workshops and culinary demonstrations.

In cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Organic Food and IFOAM, the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, the Organic Food Conference took place from 30 September to 2 October 2021, where the future of organic food was discussed.

Bioexpo 2021 was a complete success. Exhibitors and visitors left the exhibition halls richer in valuable business contacts, up-to-date knowledge about innovations and market trends and, above all, signed contracts. We are glad that together we can create a better and healthier tomorrow for all of us. Thank you for being with us.

See you next year!


Quinoa, an ancient Peruvian superfood that conquered the world


Quinoa: ancient Peruvian superfood

Quinoa is an ancestral grain from the high Andean zones of South America cultivated in South America for 5000 years.

Its consumption has been spreading internationally thanks to its high nutritional value – quinoa delivers 10 amino acids essential for humans, it has 40% more lysine than milk and it provides high content of proteins as well as minerals.

Peru is currently the world’s leading producer and exporter of quinoa. The main producing regions are located in the center and south of the country.

To find out more, visit PROMPERU stand B2.223 at BIOEXPO Warsaw and our website:


Discover why Peru is a country of superfoods


Peru: The Superfood Country

Considered one of the most diverse countries in the world, Peru is a multicultural land with a  renowned gastronomy and great traditions. From its Pacific coasts, through Amazon up to Andes, the country  features 84 out of 117 life zones found on earth, eleven ecoregions and there are 8 out of 32 types of existing climates.

For its geographic diversity,  ancient culture and rich soil, the perfect conditions have been created to cultivate superfoods, products of the highest quality, delicious flavor and subtle aromas, full of amino acids, minerals and proteins. Peru is the world’s largest exporter of blueberries and quinoa; the second largest exporter of tangerines, asparagus and avocados, and a lot more.

To find out more, visit PROMPERU stand B2.223 at BIOEXPO Warsaw and our website:


Organic Food Conference


The future of organic food

The International Food Fair on Ecological Products will be held onSeptember 30 – October 2, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. As every year,the event will be accompanied by the BIOEXPO Congress, part of whichwill be the Organic Food Conference.

The Organic Food Conference is an event organized by the Polish Chamber ofOrganic Food in cooperation with IFOAM Organics Europe – a European umbrellaorganization dealing with organic food and agriculture.  During the conference,industry specialists will conduct a debate on the future of organic food andpresent opportunities for the development of the sector.

This year’s congress will bring together representatives of the sector anddecision-makers who will talk, among others, about the new European Unionregulation on organic production. It is an ideal opportunity to network, get toknow the latest research on organic food and current trends.

The BIOEXPO Congress, which takes place as part of the largest organic food fairin Central and Eastern Europe, is a platform for the transfer of knowledge andexperience, as well as a source of valuable knowledge about the values ofecological, natural and organic products. The lectures cover issues thatcomprehensively cover the subject of agriculture and organic food, organic andnatural cosmetics and cleaning products, as well as raise the issues of health andthe environment. The issues discussed during numerous discussion panelsarouse wide interest, reaching many groups of recipients, incl. conventionalfarmers, food producers and processors, governmental and non-governmentalinstitutions, opinion leaders and consumers.

BIOEXPO Warsaw is an event where industry leaders, representatives of market-leading companies and the most important institutions that set the directions forthe sector’s development meet. Training courses, seminars and industryconferences are an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, while the availabilityof the offer prepared by hundreds of exhibitors allows you to discover the latestproduction and product solutions.

We invite you to the fair!


Registration for visitors:

For exhibitors:


Promoting a healthy lifestyle


Promoting a healthy lifestyle

In the latest issue (149/2021) of Biznes i Ekologia there is an interview with the president of the Polish Chamber of Organic Food, Krystyna Radkowska. The subject of the conversation was the scope of activities of the Chamber, which is the Strategic Partner of BIOEXPO Warsaw 2021.

The Polish Chamber of Organic Food will once again support the International Trade Fair of Food and Organic Products at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The third edition of the event will take place from September 30 to October 2, 2021.

PIŻE is the largest industry organization associating specialists operating in the BIO sector. The members of the Chamber are, among others: farmers, producers of BIO food and eco-products, processors, distributors, BIO stores, media, producers of certified natural cosmetics, packaging and fertilizers, as well as fair organizers. Its mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and make the public aware of what organic food is. A great opportunity to promote and share knowledge about eco-products is the BIOEXPO Warsaw fair, which is annually accompanied by the BIOEXPO Congress.

We are the organizers of the BIOEXPO Congress, which takes place as part of the largest organic food fair in Central and Eastern Europe – BIOEXPO – says the president of the Polish Chamber of Organic Food Krystyna Radkowska in an interview for the magazine Biznes i Ekologia. – It is at the BIOEXPO fair that we have been organizing the BIOEXPO Congress for 2 years. The three-day event, which comprehensively deals with the subject of agriculture and organic food, organic and natural cosmetics and cleaning products, also deals with the subject of health and the environment.

The aim of the BIOEXPO Congress is to disseminate knowledge about the advantages of ecological and organic products among many recipient groups, incl. conventional farmers, food producers and processors, governmental and non-governmental institutions, opinion leaders and consumers. During the lectures, interesting topics are discussed, including the most important issues for the industry.

The previous edition of the fair, organized in the period when the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic were loosened, enjoyed considerable interest both on the part of exhibitors and visitors. Thanks to the commitment of the fair’s partners and participants, it was possible to create the only event for the bio industry in 2020. For three days, Ptak Warsaw Expo was the center of interest for participants in the food and organic products market.

We hope that the upcoming edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw will be conducive to promoting a healthy lifestyle and will significantly contribute to the development of the BIO sector. We are looking forward to our next meeting.

We invite you to the fair!



Lidl Polska - Main Partner of the BIOEXPO Warsaw 3rd edition.


Lidl Polska as the Main Partner of the 3rd edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that Lidl Polska has once again become the Main Partner of the International Food and Ecological Products BIOEXPO Warsaw. Lidl Polska as the leader of the BIO category in Poland for the third time has become a Partner of the only fair in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe devoted entirely to BIO quality products and services.

Since 2002, Lidl Polska has been offering Polish customers high-quality food and industrial products at attractive low prices, produced in a sustainable manner. The organization, apart from the business aspect of its activities, also takes responsibility for multidimensional and sustainable functioning in its environment. Sustainable development is an integral part of the company’s strategy. The organization is constantly striving to improve the entire value chain through activities that have been carried out for many years, which it invariably realize under the slogan “Caring for a better tomorrow”. The main areas of activity are: assortment, suppliers, employees, the environment and society.

Lidl Polska is constantly taking steps to raise quality standards. In line with customer expectations, the company carries out daily responsibility for the assortment, understood as activities aimed at continuous improvement of its quality and parameters. Lidl values high quality, as evidenced by the many renowned awards granted to individual Lidl own brand products. The chain was the first to introduce the first BIO fruit and vegetables to the stores, labeled in a non-invasive way with natural light. On Lidl’s store shelves you can find, among others, BIO butternut squash, BIO celery or BIO avocado labeled in this way.

Being aware of its responsibility to protect ecosystems, the Organization maintains and develops long-term collaborative relationships with suppliers and partners, focusing on biodiversity for conventional fruit and vegetable production. Lidl Polska can also be proud of promoting such products on the Polish market as – chocolate tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, red pomelos, butter lettuce in a pot, bio garlic, bio herbs of various kinds and many more.

We are very pleased that Lidl Polska will once again co-create a great event, which is BIOEXPO Warsaw. The International Trade Fair of Food and Ecological Products at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a new approach to the presentation of the bioproduct industry, which aims to present the entire production process of organic products from the farmer to the final product. It is the only business fair in Central Europe intended for the bio, eco and organic industries. During each edition, numerous excellent companies and brands are present, operating in the following sectors: food, beverages, organic farming, cosmetics and cleaning products, production machinery, packaging and serving dishes, household appliances, products for pets, as well as representatives of start `ups and supporting institutions, including certification bodies.