BIOEXPO Congress

This is a three-day event that will accompany the largest fair for the BIO industry in Poland for the second time. This event comprehensively deals with the subject of agriculture and ecological food, organic and natural cosmetics and cleaning products, as well as the subject of health, the threats that consumer civilization brings to our planet and many others. The congress will also include training for the industry, culinary demonstrations and workshops. The aim of the Congress is to disseminate knowledge about the advantages of ecological and organic products among many groups of recipients, conventional farmers, food producers and processors, governmental and non-governmental institutions, opinion leaders and consumers.

Main Partner of the Congress


Media partners

Thematic panels

Planned division into panels (partnership project with the Polish Chamber of Organic Food):

  • I create an eco market (for the supplier industry - farmers, processors, distributors, retail stores)
  • I want to be on the eco market (for the conventional industry interested in organic farming)
  • Eco food - and health / a healthy mind in a healthy body (for consumers about the impact of nutrition on health)
  • Our planet - the last moments (for consumers, about the human-Earth relationship)
  • Ecocosmetics (for consumers, about the latest global trends in cosmetics and certificates)


  • Conference of the Polish Chamber of Packaging
  • Training for the industry

Grupy odbiorców



organic food farmers, processors, distributors, shops and businesses; farmers and processors, non-organic shop owners considering joining the BIO market



branżowe, lifestylowe, prozdrowotne, rodzinne, informacyjne i inne



people already pro-ecological and seeking people, but still with little knowledge


  • Professors and university staff, lecturers and researchers
  • Industry experts from all over Europe
  • Employees of ministries (agriculture, education, health, environmental protection) and their dependent institutions
  • Corporate experts
  • Industry representatives: businessmen, media, certification and research bodies
  • Business environment and experts in the field of promotion, subsidies, grants, consulting
  • Eco lifestyle promoters, trend makers, celebrities, bloggers, media, representatives of the medical / medical industry and others
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Contact to the organizer

Krystyna Radkowska
President of the Foundation Zwalcz Nudę
President of Polska Izby Żywności Ekologicznej
tel. 501 104 087