Previous Edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw

The 2nd edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw 2020 is behind us.

The second edition of the International Food and Ecological Products Fair, which took place on October 8-10, 2020, despite the limitations related to the pandemic, was a huge success and in practice it was the only event for the bio industry in 2020 in Poland. Many enthusiasts of ecological products have visited the fair and congress center of PTAK Warsaw Expo.

BIOEXPO Warsaw is a meeting place for leading producers and distributors of organic food and products with buyers, representatives of retail chains, owners of specialist stores and representatives of food and multi-branch wholesalers This year’s edition of the food and organic products fair was largely focused on active sales and creating space to sustain and establish new business relationships. An inseparable part of the fair is the content, which focused on the most current topics for the industry. They were collected again and presented in the formula of the BIOEXPO Congress.


Numerous panels, conferences and workshops raised many problems that the bio industry has to face in response to changes and market needs. This year, topics such as: post-covid reality in the context of business and effective sales as well as product promotion, how to encourage customers to buy more often in eco-shops. Changes in the legislation concerning organic farming and the latest research on the organic market were also presented. The topics of the strongest trends and directions in the development of ecological products in Poland were discussed. As part of the event, the CONSUMER PLEBISCITE and voting for the BEST PRODUCT OF BIOEXPO Warsaw 2020 was organized. Voting took place online, and information about the Plebiscite was posted on the website There were numerous market premieres and bestsellers in their categories. All presented products were available during the fair in the Novelties Zone and at the exhibitors’ stands.

Lidl Polska was the main Partner of BIOEXPO, while the strategic partner – the Polish Chamber of Organic Food. The honorary patronage was given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The fair was supported by the IFOAM EU Group and a large group of industry and media partners. During the first day of the fair, a meeting took place between Włodzimierz Wlaźlak, president of Lidl Polska, and Tomasz Szypuła, president of PTAK Warsaw Expo. The topic of the conversation was cooperation in the following years. During the opening of the fair, the president of Lidl Polska, Mr. Włodzimierz Wlaźlak, expressed his intention and a declaration of partnership for the next editions of BIOEXPO Warsaw In order to ensure the safety of all participants, all precautions were taken from the first day of the event, to cover the mouth and nose at PWE fair and entire congress facility. Therefore, each participant received a free medical mask. Additionally, before entering the hall, all visitors had opportunity to pass the disinfection gate and measure the temperature. There were numerous conteiners with disinfection liquid in entire venue. The surfaces often used, were also disinfied on ongoing basis. The success of BIOEXPO Warsaw 2020 would not be possible without the inolvement of all partners as well as exhibitors and visitors. With all precautions and the use of modern technologies supporting level of security, we were able to jointly reactivate the BIO sector in the trade show sector.

Thank you and see you in 2021