Bio Expo Warsaw. An event that integrated the food and organic products industry

Networking, contracting, building international business relationships, innovation demonstrations and education - these were the characteristics of the fifth edition of Bio Expo Warsaw, a trade fair dedicated to organic food and products.These took place from 5-7 October 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Bio Expo Warsaw was organised in close cooperation between Ptak Warsaw Expo, the Polish Organic Food Chamber and the Lidl brand.This cooperation resulted in a product event focused on the needs and opportunities of the market, as well as focusing on innovation and industry education to raise in-house competencies.

Bio Expo Warsaw was a well-used opportunity to discuss a market where sales are expected to triple over the next decade. In addition, it provided a platform to integrate the sector while opening it up to investment from domestic and foreign players. At the heart of the fair was the development and activities aimed at transforming the food system.

Bio Expo Warsaw - a practical response to market demands

Over three days, Bio Expo Warsaw integrated 9724 owners of BIO products and food shops, representatives of retail chains, food wholesalers, catering companies, hotels, restaurateurs and distributors. They became acquainted with the market innovations proposed by 206 domestic and foreign producers of organic and BIO food, semi-finished products and food ingredients, or cosmetics based on natural ingredients and natural medicines.

Development is achieved through cooperation, contracting and discussion. However, education must not be forgotten, which was one of the most important coordinates in the event plan. It was realised through the Organic Products Industry Congress. It consisted of three events: The PIŻE Forum, the PPWR Conference and the PIO and Łukasiewicz Conference. The topics discussed included eco trends, the qualities of organic food, sustainability, the assumptions of a closed loop economy or eco solutions for eco products.

Thanks to the knowledge of experts and trusted practitioners with many years of experience, the Organic Products Industry Congress was a substantive panel from which all participants drew. This, together with the emphasis on networking, industry integration and initiating contracting trade exchanges, made this year’s Bio Expo Warsaw a success.