BIOEXPO WARSAW is an innovative event attended by exhibitors from Poland and abroad. The fair is distinguished by the availability of a huge, the largest exhibition space in Poland, providing exhibitors with the best, almost unlimited possibilities of presenting their offer.


Last year, BIOEXPO WARSAW was visited by as many as 7,500 guests from Poland and abroad. That’s thousands of your potential customers! By participating in the fair, as an exhibitor, you have as many as three fair days to show them your products and services. And that’s not all. Thanks to the extensive BIOEXPO WARSAW promotional campaign and the great media interest, your brand will also reach hundreds of thousands of people in Poland and abroad.


In business, you cannot afford to stand still. During trainings, seminars and industry conferences you will gain valuable knowledge that you will be able to use in practice, and by visiting our fair you will discover the latest hardware and product solutions. During the three days of the fair, exhibitors will present new vehicles, technologies and services related to transport, logistics and warehousing.


During the BIOEXPO WARSAW fair, you will conduct talks and build valuable business relationships that will result in new contracts. The fair is the only such opportunity not only to build a base of new customers, but also to hear about their needs, which will allow for an even better adjustment of the offer to the expectations of recipients, which in turn will increase the company’s profits.


Become an exhibitor at BIOEXPO Warsaw. Book the best place for your business

Zabudowa targowa na bioexpo

Designed exhibition stands

Check out the offer of individual fair development provided by Ptak Warsaw Expo. Take advantage of a verified offer which is compatible with the latest trends and at a professional price.

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Additional marketing offer for exhibitors

Check out the additional marketing offer for exhibitors offered by Ptak Warsaw Expo.

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Nawiążesz ważne kontakty biznesowe

Na BIOEXPO Warsaw 2020 przeprowadzisz rozmowy i zbudujesz cenne relacje biznesowe, które zaowocują nowymi kontraktami

Zaprezentujesz swoje produkty tysiącom klientów

Poprzednią edycję targów odwiedziło tysiące Twoich potencjalnych klientów. Biorąc udział w targach, w charakterze wystawcy, masz aż trzy targowe dni na pokazanie im swoich produktów

Zdobędziesz cenną wiedzę i poznasz nowości na rynku

W biznesie nie możesz pozwolić sobie na stanie w miejscu. Podczas szkoleń, seminariów i konferencji branżowych uzupełnisz swoją wiedzę, zwiedzając targi odkryjesz najnowsze rozwiązania sprzętowe i produktowe

Visitor profile

  • farmers, processors, producers
  • wholesalers and distributors
  • importers and exporters from Poland and abroad
  • decision-makers from purchasing departments from:
    • commercial networks
    • discounters
    • specialist stores
    • grocery stores
    • internet
    • HoReCa
    • gas stations
    • vending companies
    • drugstore
    • pharmacies
    • herbalists
    • SPA, sanatoriums
  • owners of beauty salons
  • owners of purchasing platforms
  • service providers
  • individuals looking for a new business profile
  • representatives of the mass catering industry
  • supporters of an ecological lifestyle
  • slow-life lovers

How to be successful

  • inform current and potential customers and the media about your participation in the event
  • publish information about participation in the event on the company’s Facebook / Linkedin profile
  • send mailing about the company’s participation in the fair to the appropriate target groups (decision makers, government officials, press, opinion-forming circles, etc.)
  • send a letter inviting key customers to visit the booth
  • send out invitations provided by the organizer
  • invite customers to visit your stand through sales representatives
  • add information about your presence at the fair in the e-mail footer
  • send to the organizer information about the company and products or services along with photos that will be posted on the website dedicated to the event or on the event / event profile on facebook / linkedin
  • prepare and inform about a special offer for visitors through your own information channels
  • post information about participation in the fair on your website (e.g. banner)
  • place an advertisement in a trade journal (information about participation in fairs and a special offer)
  • prepare attractions at the stand (quizzes, contests with prizes) that will attract customers
  • prepare the stand staff, which should be immediately recognizable by customers, e.g. a characteristic element, an outfit in the color associated with the brand (most people associate the brand with colors first)
  • react immediately to customers’ interest in the offer (eg “Hello, I see that you are interested in our products. I will be happy to introduce them closer to you” instead of “in a moment, someone will come to you”)
  • prepare forms that will allow you to quickly fill in customer data in a short and clear way
  • suggest joint photos with customers, which can later be used on the company’s website (don’t forget to ask for permission to publish the photo)
  • stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of visitors (well-displayed company logo, use of company colors and fonts)
  • choose the best staff, selected in terms of professional skills and interpersonal qualities, easy to establish contact (at the fair there should be decision-makers, traders, and those who will be able to answer technical questions and media questions)
  • prepare information materials available at the stand (catalogs, brochures) in accordance with the corporate identity of the company
  • never leave the stand empty!
  • prepare gadgets that make it easier for visitors to remember your company
  • post photos from the fair on your company’s Facebook / linkedin profile on a regular basis
  • send, by e-mail, thank you to the people who visited your stand, including the company’s offer
  • post a short report from the fair with photos on the company’s website
  • post photos with thanks for visiting the stand on your Facebook profile
  • contact by phone with people who visited your stand in order to obtain information whether they are interested in the company’s offer