The 4th edition of BioExpo Warsaw - international food and ecological products fair will be held on 6-8 October 2022. It is a three-day event during which exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of products from the ecological industry. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet specialists and establish business contacts.

The fair is of a strictly business nature and is an excellent platform for dialogue between producers and buyers, owners of specialist stores as well as food and multi-sector wholesalers. It is also an ideal opportunity to establish business relations within the domestic market, as well as to develop and increase the export of products. The BioExpo Warsaw fair is also a space for presenting new products and talking about trends on the food and ecological products market. An inseparable part of the event is the BioExpo Congress, characterized by a rich program of conferences, seminars and workshops, which provide an opportunity to discuss the current condition of the industry and its development prospects. During BIOEXPO Warsaw, as part of the Hosted Buyers program, the event is also attended by foreign buyers interested in importing food and organic products to their countries.The exhibitors will include representatives of the following sectors: food and beverages, organic farming, cosmetics and cleaning agents, production machines, packaging and serving dishes, household appliances, products for pets, as well as startups, support and business-related institutions (including certification bodies). The event is characterized by a wide range of industries, which includes such areas as:

  • FOOD & DRINK - a wide range of certified food products; organic food and drinks
  • BEAUTY & CLEANING - ecological, natural, organic cosmetics and cleaning products; environmentally safe cosmetics and cleaning products for home and industry
  • EKOTECH - production machines, packaging and serving vessels, logistics
  • BIOLIFE - biotextiles, ecological toys, household appliances, household appliances and ecological products for pets
  • BIOAGRO - seed material and plant protection products for organic farming; organic agricultural inputs, bio-fertilizers, ecological plant protection products
  • SUPPORTING BODIES - supporting and business-related organizations and institutions; certification bodies, research institutes
  • START-UP innovative solutions entering the market of organic producers and production

IV BioExpo Warsaw is an event well known in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to the ecological industry. During the fair, in one place and time, leading manufacturers and distributors, buyers, owners of specialist stores, food wholesalers and general-purpose stores will meet to establish and develop business contacts in a convenient atmosphere and discuss the current condition of the industry and its development prospects.

We invite you to co-create the fair.