Promoting a healthy lifestyle

In the latest issue (149/2021) of Biznes i Ekologia there is an interview with the president of the Polish Chamber of Organic Food, Krystyna Radkowska. The subject of the conversation was the scope of activities of the Chamber, which is the Strategic Partner of BIOEXPO Warsaw 2021.

The Polish Chamber of Organic Food will once again support the International Trade Fair of Food and Organic Products at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The third edition of the event will take place from September 30 to October 2, 2021.

PIŻE is the largest industry organization associating specialists operating in the BIO sector. The members of the Chamber are, among others: farmers, producers of BIO food and eco-products, processors, distributors, BIO stores, media, producers of certified natural cosmetics, packaging and fertilizers, as well as fair organizers. Its mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and make the public aware of what organic food is. A great opportunity to promote and share knowledge about eco-products is the BIOEXPO Warsaw fair, which is annually accompanied by the BIOEXPO Congress.

We are the organizers of the BIOEXPO Congress, which takes place as part of the largest organic food fair in Central and Eastern Europe – BIOEXPO – says the president of the Polish Chamber of Organic Food Krystyna Radkowska in an interview for the magazine Biznes i Ekologia. – It is at the BIOEXPO fair that we have been organizing the BIOEXPO Congress for 2 years. The three-day event, which comprehensively deals with the subject of agriculture and organic food, organic and natural cosmetics and cleaning products, also deals with the subject of health and the environment.

The aim of the BIOEXPO Congress is to disseminate knowledge about the advantages of ecological and organic products among many recipient groups, incl. conventional farmers, food producers and processors, governmental and non-governmental institutions, opinion leaders and consumers. During the lectures, interesting topics are discussed, including the most important issues for the industry.

The previous edition of the fair, organized in the period when the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic were loosened, enjoyed considerable interest both on the part of exhibitors and visitors. Thanks to the commitment of the fair’s partners and participants, it was possible to create the only event for the bio industry in 2020. For three days, Ptak Warsaw Expo was the center of interest for participants in the food and organic products market.

We hope that the upcoming edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw will be conducive to promoting a healthy lifestyle and will significantly contribute to the development of the BIO sector. We are looking forward to our next meeting.

We invite you to the fair!