Soc. coop. Amico Bio was born from the need to enhance their organic and biodynamic agricultural products both nationally and internationally. The productions are supplied by the member companies, for a total of 200 hectares, of which 40 hectares covered by tunnels, managing to ensure the production of seasonal vegetables and first fruits (lettuce, rocket, kohlrabi, salads, spinach, strawberries, melons, cherry tomato etc ...). The companies, following a specific company rotation program, produce in compliance with the seasonality of the crops, the main agronomic techniques used aim to preserve the environment and the soil. To this end, green manures are used for fertilizing crops, corn starch sheets (100% biodegradable) for mulching, throwing insects useful for the control of the main pests, use of biodynamic preparations for soil and plant care, heaps of organic substance (of vegetable and animal origin) treated with biodynamic preparations from heap. The products are sold in the most important national and foreign GDO chains, as well as in specialized shops and distributors. For this reason, the company has obtained the main certifications, in addition to the DEMETER one, the BIOSUISSE certification, the Global-Gap certification, the Tesco Organic N.C .: and the ISO 1400 The conversion from an organic farm to the biodynamic method takes place in 2007, year in which the first fruit and vegetable productions were authorized to use the DEMETER brand. The transition from organic to biodynamic management was gradual as the company, its property and its collaborators have over the years become fully aware that this method of management gave everyone (soil-animals-men) a different vitality made of a perfect balance between the needs of nature and the needs of man. The awareness that the cultivation of the land respecting the environment, nature and its times and cycles creates a sustainable company over time for future generations, generates in each individual who works there a sense of satisfaction and inner tranquility that keeps him in balance with himself, with others and with the whole living world. The company is characterized by the breeding of "Casertana" pigs in the semi-wild state and Marchigiana beef cattle in order to recover the manure from the litter on which they rest and form the so-called "company heaps". They are flanked by heaps of vegetable origin that are formed in the company starting from the processing waste of the vegetables in the warehouse. Fertilization is completed with the sowing of green manure essences that take into account the positive interaction that is created in the simultaneous cultivation of different essences (brassicaceae, legumes, grasses, etc.). The crops, according to the various stages of growth, are treated with biodynamic preparations that are real reactivators of a series of microbiological and chemical processes that favor the growth and protection of plants, thus tending towards the concept of "closed-cycle company" . The company has two platforms for a total of 5,000 square meters for the processing and distribution of its products, which are subjected to hulling, conditioning and packaging ready to be marketed1 environmental certification. In the company there are the most modern machinery for washing vegetables (washing tanks, automatic washing machine, and hydrocooler) and for packaging (flow pack, bagging machine, weight-sizing machine, film machine for thermo-stretch). The products ready for national and international marketing are refrigerated in refrigerated cells at a controlled temperature and loaded directly onto the vehicles by means of loading ramps connected to them, this guarantees that the cold chain is kept constant, in order to ensure perfect conservation of the products. In addition, the company is equipped with two hulling, sorting, washing, weighing and bagging lines for fresh-cut vegetables, both located in a closed environment subjected to a controlled temperature (+4 ° C), guaranteeing maximum hygiene and quality of the packaged products.

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