Branch range


food & drink

a wide range of certified food products; organic food and drinks

  • fresh food: fruit, vegetables, mushrooms
  • frozen food (fruit, vegetables, ice cream, etc.)
  • dried products (fruit, seeds, vegetables)
  • cereal products (flour, pasta, groats, muesli, instant cereal, etc.)
  • spices and herbs
  • snacks and sweets
  • meats and cold meats
  • fish and seafood
  • fats (oil, butter, etc.)
  • drinks (juice, water, wine, beer, liqueur, coffee, tea, etc.)
  • baker’s products and confectionery (bread, baked goods, raising agents)
  • dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.)

beauty & cleaning

ecological, natural, organic cosmetics and cleaning products; environmentally safe cosmetics and cleaning products for home and industry

  • cosmetics
  • aroma oils
  • body care accessories
  • cleaning agents
  • functional food and dietary supplements
Strefa bio startup eco


innovative solutions entering the market of organic products and production

Opakowania Bio


ecological, biodegradable, reusable packaging and serving utensils, dishes; machines for packaging, sorting and processing, logistics

  • machines and production lines
  • cold stores, means of transport
  • packaging and labelling machines for foodstuffs and other products
  • biodegradable packaging and packaging made from natural materials
  • labels, crates, dishes, drinking straws, boxes, bags and thermos flasks made from biodegradable and natural materials
  • shopfitting
  • vending companies
bio tekstylia, ekologiczne zabawki


biotextiles, ecological toys, household appliances and eco-friendly products for pets

  • textiles, clothing, jewelry
  • toys and accessories for children
  • accessories and feed for animals
  • accessories and interior furnishings
  • ecotourism and culinary tourism
  • home gardening products
  • gardening tools and accessories
  • small household appliances


seed and plant protection products for organic farming; organic agricultural production, bio fertilizers, ecological plant protection products

  • organic and natural preparations for agricultural production
  • seeds of agricultural plants, crop protection preparations, fertilizers
  • fodder and feed additives

supporting bodies

supporting and business-related organizations and institutions; certification bodies, research institutes

  • inspection and certification bodies
  • industry associations
  • government and self-government entities
  • training and education centers
  • branch publishing companies
  • fairs