About BIOEXPO Warsaw

BIOEXPO Warsaw is an event new both in Poland and the whole Central and Eastern Europe, dedicated to the organic industry. During the fair, in one place and at one time, leading producers and distributors will meet buyers, owners of specialty retail shops as well as food and drink and general wholesalers, in order to forge and develop commercial links in a convenient atmosphere as well as to discuss the current condition of the industry and the perspectives for its development.  BIOEXPO Warsaw is a B2B event; one of the days of the fair (Friday, 11 October) is intended solely for business clients, while Saturday (12 October) and Sunday (13 October) will be open also for end consumers. It is our ambition for the BIOEXPO Warsaw to become a fair show leader in Central and Eastern Europe and we are confident that side by side we will manage to achieve the goal on which we are all set.

BIOEXPO Warsaw is a perfect chance for the participants of the fair to talk with their current clients, forge new commercial links and present their market novelties as well as familiarize themselves with the newest trends in the industry. The exhibitors will compete for the BIOEXPO TOP prize awarded for the best product presented during the fair. Visitors (buyers, wholesalers, shop owners) will be able to enjoy special offers prepared by the exhibitors, expand their offer with new products and take part in the Organic Sales and Marketing for BIO Congress.

zakupy ekologiczne bio
jedzenie organiczne

Idea of the fair:

  • event dedicated to certified products
  • business character of the enterprise
  • presence of traders from Polish sales networks and leading distributors present in Poland
  • platform of branch meetings and possibility of forging commercial links with clients from Eastern Europe and the Middle East /Hosted Buyers program, organized groups of visitors from abroad/
  • matchmaking: arranged meetings between buyers and sellers
  • comprehensive presentation of the whole eco production process (from the farmer to the end product)


15 000
100 000
20 000
m2 of exhibition space

* estimated statistics for the 2019 edition